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First step

This guide will help you add email verification and biometric authentication to your webapp.


The service consists of two parts:

  • A client side library. The open-source library helps you interact with the browser WebAuthn API and to connect with the public API.
  • A REST API, for your backend server to send an email, initiate key registrations, verify authentications and retrive tokens for your users.

How to start?

To use you need to add our library to your frontend and add a small backend integration. Integrating into your app or website can begin as soon as you create a account, and requires three steps:

  1. Optain your API keys, so can authenticate your integration's API requests.
  2. Install the client library, so your integration can interact with the API and the brwoser.
npm install @authn-id/browser
  1. Write your own codes.